Position Report

Radio play and sculptural intervention, 2015

MP3-Player (Download on www.mission-w.net/#johanna-tinzl), headphones, 20:00 min
steel rope, clamps, tapes, brass (120 x 5 cm / 100 x 5 cm)

Signation: Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!
Cuckoo: Attention, attention, you are listening to the air raid transmitter Vienna. We will soon carry out air raid reports.

Cuckoo: We switch over from radio broadcasting to wire broadcasting. The sirens are howling already. Set out for the air raid shelters! I am the faceless voice of wire broadcasting. I am 20 years old. The woman of the cuckoo. The cuckoo of Vienna. Thus I am called by thousands of Viennese people. Here, I'm doing my military service like all the others students from the University of Vienna who were undergoing training for a docterate degree. However, we were thrown out of university since we had to join the general military service.

Nazi: You young thing have no idea of the difficulties that we have with the interior design of the bunker. Finally in early January '45 after many meetings and negotiations we have specified the subdivisions for these premises here with which we are working now. Convince yourself! Has your smartphone or your audio guide managed to navigate you into the room of the Reichsleiter or are you already in the Gau-Organisationsraum?

The radio play »Position Report« guides the listener along a line through the Vienna Woods. It corresponds with the sequence of locations of the »Gaubefehlsstands Gallitzinberg« that is invisible at ground level and is commonly known as »Schirachbunker«. The bunker was planned to function as the »center of the air raid warning system of the Ostmark« in the underground of Gallitzinberg between 1942 and 1945.
In 1944 the so-called cuckoo was introduced in NS-broadcasting. This was not an air raid warning signal, but it alerted the listener to switch from radio broadcasting and to activate their wire broadcasting (vulgo: air raid transmitter). If one could hear »cuckoo, cuckoo« on the radio, people were calling to one another »The cuckoo screeched!«. This meant they had to reach home as soon as possible before the subsequent air raid alarm or to find shelter somewhere else.
The doorways of the bunker were blown up after the liberation of Vienna in 1945; their remains were covered with concrete by today's owners, the Forestry Commission Office of the City of Vienna in 1989. The sculptural intervention in the splinter protection bunker is an acoustic reference to the period after the liberation when the church bells were returned to their towers. This was after many of them had been melted down to produce weaponry for the war.

The radio play »Position Report«
Production: Florian Pfaffenberger
The Nazi: Michael Strasser
The women of the cuckoo: Barbara Kapusta
The news girl: Eva Engelbert
The girl's choir: Veronika Barnaš, Gabi Edlbauer, Elisabeth Greinecker, Marlene Hausegger,
Martina Kigle, Eva Seiler, Johanna Tinzl
The American soldier: Nicholas Hoffman
The radio announcer: Florian Pfaffenberger

Mission W was curated and organised by Eva Engelbert und Katrin Hornek.

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© Christine Tinzl (3rd)
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