Front window, 2013, Installation view, Matadero - Center for Contemporary Art, Madrid © Sören Meschede

Front window

HD-Video, 16 min 14 sec, 2013

Since I have moved to the Nordbahnstrasse in Vienna, I have spent plenty of time looking out of the window: On the waste ground of the former North Train Station. A new residential district with 10.000 apartments is being built here at great speed.
Before the start of construction works I had just seen the bomb searchers who searched the area of dud bombs remaining from World War II and workers who took out soil samples. In the meantime the tenements move closer and the UNO-City fades into the background. The highest tower of Vienna is nearing completion. The remaining waste land is cut through by the city railway tracks.
At the end of the winter a man has attracted my attention while he was working on the waste land during rainy weather. Out of curiosity I have gradually approached him with the zoom of my video camera. He became the protagonist of my video. I have felt a little like Jeff from Hitchcock's »Rear Window«.