»Table in the Space«, Tihany (HU) 2014
Talk between Jürgen Tabor, Stefan Flunger and Johanna Tinzl (from right to left)
»Table in the Space« - The Dinner, Tihany (HU), 2014
»Framing the Fringe« (2013-2014) - Edition of 200 Folders + Original Art Prints

Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger

Table in the Space

Intervention + talk + dining table in public space, 2014
Edition of 200 Folders + Original Art Prints

Curated and organized by Andrea Löbel (AT) and Jürgen Tabor (AT) in the context of Curators' Network at the ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival Tihany 2014 in Hungary.

The photo series »Framing the Fringe« (2013-2014) has been presented within the »Table in the Space« project. For this intervention the photo series »Framing the Fringe« (2013-2014) was designed and published as a folder by Jürgen Tabor and completed by an original art print that we produced directly on-site in Tihany.

The »Table in the Space 2014 Tihany« was made possible by Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT), and ARTplacc Contemporary Art Festival, Tihany (HU).