Johanna Tinzl & Stefan Flunger

Framing the Fringe

Intervention, Fratres (AT) / Slavonice (CZ), 2014
Series of 15 photos, 2013-2014
C-Prints on Aluminium-Dipond

This one time the photo series »Framing the Fringe« was part of the enlargement of the public art installation »Wohin verschwinden die Grenzen? / Kam Mizi Hranice?« of Iris Andraschek & Hubert Lobnig. The project is located directly on the Austrian-Czech border in Fratres (AT) / Slavonice (CZ).

The photo series »Framing the Fringe« was developed during a road trip along the eastern borders of the European Union. The center of each photographic image is a conventional navigation device. It serves as a hint that the photograph was taken in front of the respective external border. The landscape around the boundary line provides the background. The size of each photo-framing corresponds to the length of the external borders of the country where the picture was taken (Estonia-Russia, Lithuania-Kaliningrad, Poland-Kaliningrad, Lithuania-Belarus, Latvia-Russia, Latvia-Belarus, Poland-Belarus, Poland-Ukraine, Romania-Ukraine, Romania-Moldova, Ukraine-Hungary, Slovakia-Ukraine, Bulgaria-Greece, Greece-Turkey).