Ice - Water – Steam

Performative Sculpture, 2021
Concrete, bronze, aluminium, 3 m x 3 m x 0.7 m
Umhausen, Tyrol

There were six glaciers in the parish of Umhausen, a village in the Oetztal valley, Tyrol (AT): the Grastalferner, the Larstigferner, the Zwieselbachferner, the Blockkogelferner, the Ploderferner and the Steinkarferner. The Steinkarferner is already dead. The five remaining glaciers have melted considerably since 1990, and some of them will have disappeared altogether in a few years time.

»ICE - WATER - STEAM« depicts the dimensions of the Larstigferner in 2018 as a lung-shaped volume made from aluminium. The supporting prostheses refer to the fragile state of this body and its progressive deterioration. The negative volume in the concrete base plate reproduces the tongue of the Larstigferner in 1850 and so reminds us of the glacial ice masses that have already become water and ultimately steam.

The measurement data of the other five glaciers are recorded in their topographic location on the base plate.

Commissioned by NHT