It's the blue gold, darling!

Sculptural intervention, Chao Bai River, Beijing (CHN), 2015

plastic, clamps, screws, torches
N-Tower (2,5 m), C-Tower (2 m), D-Tower (1,7m)

For the Chao Bai River Project in Beijing I have developed three self-luminous sculptures made out of used drinking water bottles: The N-Tower was built out of Pure Life bottles (Nestlé Waters), the C-Tower by Ice Dew bottles (Coca Cola Company) and the D-Tower by Evian bottles (Groupe Danone). The towers became a skyline en miniature beside the river.
The right to water is a recognized human right. But in fact major corporations buy up springs of water on a large scale and treat water as another commodity of the food industry. As a result of this the bottled water market is booming worldwide. With »It's the blue gold, darling!« I want to open a dialogue set upon resources, privatization and civil society near the Chai Bai River in Beijing.

The Chai Bai River Project was curated and organised by ON SPACE Beijing (Wu Shengzhi, Liang Hao, Li Tianqi, Zhang Yongji, Jiang Tong).

Thanks for the support to Hu Xinru and Mr. Zhang.