She directs

Sound intervention, 7 min 19 sec, Favoriten, Vienna (AT), 2020

Johanna Tinzl installed two loudspeakers on the roof of the Daihatsu. The loudspeakers amplified a text collage relating to the use of public space in the district (Favoriten), spoken by a female voice. The text collage comprises parts of interviews that the artist had conducted with women activists. The Daihatsu with the announcements drove through the district according to a specific, timed choreography. When the Daihatsu wasn’t being driven, it was parked at the corner of Reumannplatz/Wielandgasse.

The Daihatsu-Rooftop-Gallery is a mobile display presenting contemporary sculpture, installation and performance. This gallery is a project of the artist Peter Fritzenwallner. It shows art works on top of a modified luggage rack on the roof of a Japanese compact car. From August until December 2020 art works of nine artists were exhibited in different public locations in Vienna. They referred directly to the areas of the city where they were presented. The Daihatsu-Rooftop-Gallery was driving around each area for one week day by day.