Katrin Hornek and Johanna Tinzl

The cloud was the first one to know that the chain would lose its core supply

Sound- and sculptural intervention, 2017

Radio play, 13 min.
3D ABS-plastic-print, load securing net

The sacrum was straightly on its way to the greenbelt recreation area »Grüne Mitte - Vienna Northwest«. There was no specific order and yet demand for its materialization. It should have been delivered to the floating stock in the region. But: total failure.

The year is 2039. The World Wide Web is existing for half a century now, the interaction complexity update 4.0 of cyber-physical systems is completed and the control architectures are rather stable. But this year's leap millisecond insertions to the coordinated world time must have gone wrong. The digital time measurement and the actual physical rotation of the earth can not be matched. Hence, an erroneous printed object falls randomly out of the Cloud, collides with another flying object and lands flabbergasted on the history-loaded area of a closing logistic hub in the year 2017.

Arriving with a posthuman mindset from a future world — where artificial intelligence has overcome neoliberalism, where storks have migrated to the south pole living off floating ocean plastics and where products route themselves independently through drone-driven logistic infrastructures to their costumers — the inaccurately printed body spare part wants to reconnect. Via multi modal cross-linking it tries to establish contact to its supply chain. Unsuccessfully. Status report: Error print / navigation lost / regular cargo / rack good.

In search for its potential hosts, costumers and peers, the self-learning sacrum logs into open communication systems that are available. Overhearing a radio signal of a local truck driver who is having problems with his on-board hydraulic system which intensify his own back pains, the printed body part discovers the driver’s existence and working conditions in a pre self-driving car’s time.

The sacrum’s internal hard- and software monologue to reconnect can be experienced by the visitor of the sound- and sculptural intervention at Vienna’s Nordwestbahnhof.

Production: Stefan Frankenberger
Voice: Stefano Bernardin