Installation view with Stefan Flunger's »Colour Pyramid«, Community room - Robert-Uhlir-Hof, Vienna, 2014

We Are Not A Satellite Town

HD-Video, 9 min 54 sec, 2014

The video »We are not a satellite town« was developed in close collaboration with the resident Lydia Fabsics who has been living in the Robert-Uhlir-Hof in the 2nd district of Vienna for 35 years. She is the one performing the ice bear who shows me around her neighborhood - meeting and connecting with her fellow tenants. Our tour ends outside of the Robert-Uhlir-Hof on the waste ground of the former North Train Station where a new residential district with 10.000 apartments is going to be built in the near future.

The Robert-Uhlir-Hof is a classical Viennese »Gemeindebau« (municipality building) that has been built in the late 70ies. The »Gemeindebauten« have become an important part of the architecture and culture of Vienna since the 1920s. They are strongly connected to the Social Democratic Party of Austria, especially to the history of the so called »Red Vienna«. Apartments are assigned on the basis of a point system favoring families and less affluent citizens to provide low-cost public housing.